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I’m Jill! I am your cancer survivorship and oncology yoga coach! If you are ready to live your life as an exclamation and LET LOVE RETURN after your cancer diagnosis, you’ve come to the right place. 

Let Love Return!

hey friend!

I will not rescue YOU,
For YOU are not powerless.
I will not fix YOU,
For YOU are not broken.
I will not heal YOU,
For I see YOU in your wholeness.
I will walk with YOU through the darkness,
As YOU remember your light.

-Sheree Bliss Tilsley

  • Were YOU recently diagnosed with cancer and feel as though your body, mind, and spirit have been kidnapped?
  • Do YOU feel abandoned and betrayed by your body?
  • Are YOU discovering that the impact of your cancer diagnosis didn’t end after you were discharged from treatment?
  • Are YOU feeling overwhelmed and scared asking “Now What?”
  • Are YOU dealing with long-term side effects, whether physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, from diagnosis and treatment?
  • Are YOU struggling with new body acceptance?
  • Are YOU grateful to be alive AND feel unsure, anxious, sad, and angry?
  • Are YOU exhausted by strength and resiliency and yearn for softness and ease?

Is This YOU?

before you scroll
any further...

If you answered, “this sounds like me,”
you are in the right place, talking to the right woman!

  • Are YOU ready to reconnect with your body?
  • Are YOU ready to reclaim your power?
  • Are YOU ready to redefine your identity?
  • Are YOU craving a safe place to be heard, seen, and validated?
  • Are YOU willing to start?

I have also answered “yes” to all of the questions listed above. Even if our lived experience differs (which it usually does), I coach with compassion, empathy, love, and care so every single client feels safe, seen, heard and validated.

Are YOU ready to let LOVE return?


Yoga 4 Cancer = (Y4C)

"Jill’s Yoga practices and coaching are full of wisdom, love, and joy. For years, she has been essential to my spiritual journey and self-care."